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Rosemary Simek

Mary Singleton
Donna Stokes*
Deborah Strawn*
Catherine Ann Swilley*
Anita Swoboda*
Eva Talbot*
Sharon Tusa (In-Kind)
Rosario Unite*
Peggy Christensen Vargas* 
Nancy Volding*
Jean Waleke*
Irene Wallace*
Mary Warwick*
Elizabeth Wells*
Emilie Weil*
Maura Windlinger*
Carol Wingfield*
Women at the Well Community
Kurt and Lynn Youngman*
Dale and Mary Zimmer*

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Tom and Mary Ann DeMont

Martha Deshotel*
Matt and Jane Devine
Sandy Dietrich
Betty Donohue*
Patty Drake
Mary Dunbaugh*
Martha Durio
Donald and Jerrie Earthman*
Katherine Elsner*                                     

Peggy Enax* 
Fair Trade Friends
Larry and Starla Flake                                                                          
Marti Flasch
Fountains of Grace Community
Robert and Melanie Fox
Rita Freeman
Elaine French*
Barb Fuhrwerk*
Cathy Garcia-Prats*                                 

Donna Gardiner*
Jan Gessler*
Kathleen Greaney *
Jeff and Vicky Greene*
Allen and Cathy Guidry*
Nanci Hadash*
Fran Hancock*
Hank and Bettie Ann Hanse*
Patrick and Kelly Hanse*
Jane Hasenpflug*
Jerome Hasenpflug*
Colette Haveman*
Stephanie Hawkins*
Liz Hensley*
Irene Herd 
Analou Hernandez*
John and Rebecca Herndon*
Larry Holdren*
Jeff and Ramah Howell
Joseph Howell* 
Virginia Humphrey*
Tommie Jarrett*
Louise Joffrion*
Cyrilla Jones*
Mindy Jones*
Journey Community, Houston 
Jan Kaupie*
Eric and Rosemary Keibler 
Martha Kiger

Betty Kilday*

Klein and Arlene Kleinpeter*
Mary Koonce (In-Kind) 
Rita Kramer*
Carey and Janice LeMond 
Catherine Lewis
Matt and Jerilyn Lewis
Sara Lewis
Bob and Jean Lindberg*
Living Water Community
Mark and Laurie Lundin*

​​Margaret Malsam*

​​​​​Women InSpirit, Inc.

 Doug and Amy Adams
JoLynn Adams 
Bill and Nettie Albrecht* 
Brian Albrecht
Mary Clare Albrecht* 
Mike and Nan Albrecht 
Paul Albrecht 

Ray and Mary Albrecht
Steve and Robin Albrecht 
Orin and Maribeth Anderson *
Tracy Anderson*
Bettye Anhaiser                                          

Mike and Jennifer Appling*
Hector and Maria Araujo*                     

Mary Cataherine Arbuckle*
Stephanie Avioli
Suzanne Babineaux
Carol Ann Barley
Julia Batdorf*
Sharon Benson*
Brian and Sheila Bertelsen
Michael and Lucia Bettler*
Teresa Bettis*
Connie Bingham*
Pat Brindley
Ted and Pat Bruno                                    

Tess Burford*
Tom and Mary Ann Burns*
Michael and JoAnn Butera*
Mary Beth Bux*
Matt and Patsy Carey*
Bernie Carpenter*
Joyce Christ*                                            

Chris Christensen*
Gloria Christensen*                                  

Peggy Christopher*
Companions on the Journey, Austin 
Cindy Elliott Cooke
David and Peg Cooney                            

Margo Cooper*
Barbara Corona*
Peter and Nancy Coselli*
Suzan Cotellesse
Cathryn Cutrer-Holland*
Wendy D’Attilio*
Louis and Margaret Daleo*
Abbie Daly
Ginger Darling
Jan Darling*
Rosalind Darling*
Jacque Darragh*
Loretta Darst*
Barbara Jean Davis*
Mary Davis
Day 1 Community, Houston
Madeline Dederich
Audrey DeJonge*

Liz Moraist

Lourdes Martinez
Joanna Matranga*
Rose Marie McClung
Charlene Miller
Barbara Millette
Betsy Mitchell*
Brad and Sara Morian*

Liz Molgren
Duane and Aimee Morvant
Lee Mountain*
Claire Mueller*
Darin and Tracy Muller*
Anne Murphy
Gail Murphy
Lynn Murphy
Mary Nauman
Hal Neely
Jean Nelson
Steve and Peggy Nolan*
Oasis Community, Ft. Bend
Judy O’Connor*
Jane O’Grady

Pat Olmsted
Chris and Cassie Orsak
Patti Paoletti*
Julia Pardue                                           

Larry and Margie Piper*
Mary Jo Piwetz*
Eileen Ploch*
Ed and Monique Podorsky*
Davis and Mary Porterfield*
Mary Pozzi*
Mary Pat Rafferty
Reflections Community
Patsy Roche*
Charlie and Alice Roessler*
Brad and Gail Roessler*

Karen Rosales
Peaches Ryan*
David and Ellen Sanderson*
Marjo Sauer*
Felix and Patsy Scardino

Terri Schexnayder
Naomi Schmidt
Vicki Schmidt*
Dave and Cindy Schmitz
Greg and Hedy Schneider*
Henry and Nancy Schwartzenberg

Freddie Seale*
Mary Elizabeth Segura (In-Kind)
Ray and Soila Segura *