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Paper pads are 3ghs ($.68US) for pack of 8 paper disposable, or $.085/pad. 

x 6 pads per day=$.51US per day.

x 5 days= $2.55/per menstrual cycle

x 12 months = $30.60 per year

x 40 years avg. of menses (age 12-52)= $1224US 


Cloth pads, (which can last 10yrs-a lifetime)

cost = $12gh =$2.70 US each.

Three pads per woman!

"Soak one, wear one, spare one!"

(Ideally, given (or sold) as three pads in a zipper case

Betty Donohue has fun cutting pads while visiting with friends!

Simple pattern, pad and inside (old towel) inserts. Below, a folded/buttoned pad makes transporting clean/soiled pads a cinch!


About 52% of the female population is of reproductive age- most of them are menstruating every month.

For millions in the developing world, menstruation is a nightmare. Many turn to rags, mud and even tree bark to physically conceal their periods. 

Many girls simply are forced to skip school during their monthly periods to avoid the cost of pads or the use of cloths. 

It is estimated that within the four years of high school, the same girl loses 156 learning days which is equivalent to almost 24 weeks out of 144 weeks of learning in high school. Consequently, she potentially becomes a dropout. 

Many schools in underprivileged areas lack sufficient sanitation facilities which are vital not only during a girls’ period, but at all times -such as water, adequate toilet facilities and proper dumping facilities for sanitary wear. 

In some areas of Africa, a month’s supply of imported sanitary pads cost more than a day’s worth of wages, and donations are simply not a long-term solution. In India, it is said that only 2% of all women use disposable napkins because of the expense!

While packing my bags for a trip to Ghana, there were requests for feminine paper products which were expensive and hard to come by in Bolgatanga, especially for the poor. I couldn't fathom stuffing my luggage with products that would be consumed in a month's time. After googling options, I was amazed at how simple the solution was. A cloth, washable menstrual pad! People are sewing and sending cloth menstrual pads all over the world to marginalized women. I immediately called my friend, Cindy Schmitz, and she was on board! We got our Theresian community involved, and now we started meeting several times a month to cut and sew!​ The pads were met with much excitement on my visit in February 2015 - Maribeth 


Email Cindy Schmitz:



​Text: 832-964-5655

Mail to:

Cindy Schmitz 

70 Bradford Circle

Sugar Land, Texas 77479

Head Seamstress

Cindy Schmitz


"While in Bolgatanga, Cecilia and I stayed at Mama Laadi's little hotel, which was built by AfriKids so that Laadi could generate income for her Mango Tree foster care home. 

We showed her these pads, she loved them, and we left her over 60 pads for her girls.

(see Mama Laadi's Story)

Sr. Eileen McGrath, who runs the Peace children's school at City of God in the slums of Accra, LOVES the cloth menstrual pads! She said if I bring more, she will educate the women about them!

​We brought each of the seamstresses a case, and left one for Sr. Eileen as an education tool.