​​​​​Women InSpirit, Inc.

Empowering women globally through educational and business opportunities

Above all else, please keep our girls and our mission in your prayers!  Thank you!

Ways to Support Us:

1. (a) Send a check in any amount Payable to Women InSpirit, Inc., 1800 Pecan Lake Drive, Richmond, TX 77406  

Consider donating: 

  • ​the cost of one dinner out 
  • your age in dollars
  • $5 per grandchild 

   (b) Hit the DONATE NOW tab.

   (c) Set up an automatic BILL PAY through your online bank.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW

2. Participate in our annual fundraising raffles, appeals, markets, etc.

3. Have a garage sale and name us a beneficiary!! 

4. REMEMBER US when you want to send a memorial card or all occasion card:  Memorials, Remembrances, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Special Occasions.  

Send a note and check (payable to Women InSpirit, Inc.) and mail to 1800 Pecan Lake Drive, Richmond, TX 77406. We will send a beautiful card to the recipient stating that a generous donation has been made to Women InSpirit, Inc.in honor of their loved one.

Don't forget your name, your return address, your email (to verify donation received and card sent), your loved one's name, your message, and their address!

6. Contact us to find out how you can help make simple, precious sundresses or Jamaica shorts for BLESS MY DRESS and cloth menstrual pads for PRETTY PADS. PERIOD. 

7.  Donate your old jewelry to us. Maribeth resells gently worn jewelry to help pay her cost of travel each year. Remaining jewelry she takes to the girls for them to sell and put money in savings.

8. Visit our "WISH LIST" .

9. Share our name and mission with your friends, forwarding them our newsletters and mailings. Send Maribeth your friends’ emails if you think they would enjoy getting on our e-newsletter list. Share her phone number if they need more info: 281-923-2968. We can also send them a brochure.

10. HAVE A HOME SHOW! (call Maribeth)

11. Follow us on Facebook to find out where we will be selling our baskets next! ..and don't forget to "LIKE" us!

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