Fr. Chittilapilly Subash.

Fr. Subash heads up the City of God programs: Peace Crafts, (which includes our sewing ministry, A Time to Sew), the Adult Peace School (night school), the Kids Peace School, Peace Fire Volunteers, Peace Health Community Services

Fr. Subash in earlier days with Pope Benedict, left, and Mother Teresa, right.

Fr. Chittilapilly Subash runs the Peace School at the City of God. He is also the facilitator of our A Time to Sew ministry in the slums.

In March 2015, Fr. Subash breaks the ribbon with 2nd lady of Ghana, Matilda Amissah-Arthur, at the launching of Claudio Turisa's book on the City of God

Anna Sosu, Cecilia Buckle, and Ellen Moreaux, members of Theresians Holy Spirit Cathedral community in Accra, are the reason Women InSpirit is involved in the sewing project in the City of God as well as the girls in Bolgatanga, Ghana. They took Dorcas in back when she was hungry and 7 months pregnant (see Dorcas' Story)  They are truly our lifeline to these ministries. We are a team and we love and appreciate them so much!


When Theresians International held their International Conference in Accra, Ghana in 2012, one of our Ghanaian sisters and friend, Cecilia Buckle,  shared her dream with Maribeth of wanting to teach some of the girls in the City of God how to sew. For years the Theresians in Accra have supported City of God with their presence and their monies. 

Cecilia's dream became possible by the immediate financial donations from seamstresses (and non-seamstresses) who visualized the dream as well, and we were well on our way to setting up the sewing ministry, called A Time to Sew.

In February 2015, Maribeth returned to Accra. Accompanied Cecilia Buckle, Ellen Moreaux, and Anna Sosu, Theresians of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Accra, they went shopping at the outdoor markets and were able to present new sewing machines, tools, and fabric to the girls who were chosen as the first students for this ministry. They are doing well, have made their own uniforms, and we recently acquired a separate building for our A Time to Sew ministry.

L-R: Jennifer, Gloria, Anna Sosu, Fr. Subash, Felicia, Ellen Moreaux, Cecilia Buckle, Maribeth Anderson, Agnes, and Abraham (teacher, has since been replaced by Regina)

 Like all of our students at the A Time To Sew Ministry, this girl is a kayayei (head porter). 

Our girls wake up very early and sell oranges or water sachets- Monday-Friday, they attend sewing school from 9am-1pm, and then head back out to work until dark!

With the help of the Holy Spirit CathedralTheresians in Accra, Ghana, Women InSpirit has started a sewing ministry at a small school located inside the Old Fadama slums, the largest slum in Ghana, and the most toxic place ON EARTH!

A Time to Sew Ministry

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